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Our Elegance Scrubs is a hybrid between our performance top and a short lab coat. It will give you a completely different look for those days when you want to be a little more stylish. Play with the height of the zipper and change your style in under 5 seconds! Comfort guaranteed.

Performance fabric: 100% recycled, ultra thin, 4 way stretch, fast drying and moisture wicking. (91% polyester and 9% spandex). Certified REPREVE.

Equipped with a double chest pocket (including a pencil holder section) as well as 2 hip pockets to allow you to position your work tools and always have them within reach.

The Elegance Scrubs have a similar fit to our performance tops, they both share the same tailoring core.

You like the design, but would like to change the colors or add your name or logo? For only $8.99, customize your uniform, your colors, your name, your style! Simply click on the "Customize" button and let your imagination run wild to create the uniform of your dreams!

Our Elegance Scrubs are made entirely in Quebec.

Thank you for taking care of us!

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