Barbara Ramirez,



Daniel Châteuvert,



Louis-Philip Allard,

Fany Désormeaux,
Animal technician


Catherine Côté,
Nursing student


Nicolas Bard,

Sophie Lemieux,

Catherine Lamothe,
Personal Care Attendant


Sonia Hounsinou,
Medical Imaging Technologist






Join the team too! Apply now!

Ambassadors Program

We are looking for passionate people, women or men, to be part of our family. We are looking for people who are involved in their environment and work hard to make a difference in their community.

You also need to have a vast network of health care professionals around you, your colleagues, your friends, etc.

What role will you have to play?

It’s really simple, you will work with us to deploy and grow Endorphin Healthcare in your community. You will thus participate in the success of a local company and you will have a front-row seat to collaborate in the development of new products.

How can you do this?

Mainly, by wearing your uniforms in your everyday work. Then, by sharing your experience on your various social media platforms. We ask you to make a minimum of 3 creative publications on social networks per month. To talk about Endorphin to all your friends who are healthcare professionals and to share your promotional codes with them so that they too become part of the Endorphin family too!

What does the program consist of?

Each ambassador is entitled to a 50% discount on personal purchases (up to 10 sets per year). It is mandatory to purchase 2 uniforms initially; the models are at your discretion.

**You are then entitled to the Ambassador Discount of 50% off your personal purchases during the year on a maximum of 10 full uniforms**.

To submit your application, please fill out the form below. Thank you for wishing to be part of our family!